Change Is Essential

Embrace change and you will hold great power.

Imagine the world if nothing ever changed. We’re talking no advances in anything. What do you see? People living in a great garden or in caves? We suppose what you are envisioning depends on your theological beliefs.

Think about your life today, everything you know, everything you do, your health, your living conditions, your food, your pleasures. Every aspect of your being is influenced by change. Chances are that you’re doing well because of all the changes that mankind has made since the days of gardens or caves.

Improvements begin with a desire for something to be doable for the first time, easier to do than in the past, or able to be accomplished with greater efficiency. Without change, there is no betterment, and everything remains the same old same old.

Do you remember school food service management before the introduction of technology? Selling paper tickets, ticket punches, lists of students and their benefits, logging sales and tallying meal counts on paper, processing paper applications, counting and sorting applications into piles for verification, compiling numbers for days on end to generate reports? You’re probably very happy those days are gone and quite appreciative of the changes that have made your job easier.

If you were a school food service worker in the 1980s, you probably remember computers with monochrome screens and membrane overlays. Those state-of-the-art systems reduced your workload and made cafeteria lines move faster. Handling sales became much better, but everything else still demanded a lot of effort.

Over time, thanks to change, POS terminals became more powerful, and software for day-to-day management and reporting became available. You perhaps wondered if it could get any better. Why, of course it could, and it did!

By 2005, change brought additional advances in school food service management with the introduction of, the nation’s very first website to allow parents to apply for meal benefits using the Internet instead of paper. Less paper shuffling, greater productivity. Yay, change, go, Go, GO!

Improvements kept coming: online payments, nutrition analysis, menu planning, cloud services, and more. As a result, food service management today is enriched by technology and a lot less hectic than in those day of yore. Have we reached the end? No, resoundingly, no!

There is always room for improvement, and Meal Magic Corporation will continue to deliver innovative changes to better the lives of our customers and those they serve. We always will look at our products and services and ask how can we do better.

For growth, change is essential. Embrace change and you will hold great power to grow beyond your dreams. Are you ready for greatness? Stay tuned!