People Are People

We’re bringing people, and more, together.

Paraphrasing a popular Depeche Mode song, “People are people so why should it be, navigating this software is done so awfully?” Where do I do this? How do I get to that?

After 15 years of revisions, finding things in Meal Magic Suite, especially for new users, sometimes can be a bit challenging, for example, dealing with information about people. There are places such as Edit Customers, Edit Teachers, Edit Users, Manage Families, Transfer, Balances, and District Contacts. That’s a lot of places that deal with people. Is it any wonder that a new user might feel lost?

In Meal Magic Insight, we’re bringing all those places together under one descriptive name: People. Think about it: customers are people, teachers are people, families are groups of people, transfers are people on the move, balances are held by people, and you contact people. Looking at it that way, having a single stop called People just makes sense!

Need to add a student manually? Go to People. Need to add an adult? Go to People? Want to indicate an adult is a teacher? Go to People. Want to give an adult access to use Meal Magic Insight? Go to People. Want to move a student to a different building? Go to People. Need to check and perhaps adjust someone’s account balance? Go to People. Want to assign an Appeals Contact? Go to People. OK, we’re pretty sure you get the idea. It’s simple: in Meal Magic Insight, you can do a lot more in a single place.

Speaking of places, Meal Magic Insight takes the same approach with locations, such as schools, offices, the district itself, and other places with district-related mailing addresses. They’re all grouped together as Locations for one-stop convenience. Do you see where we’re going here?

Cafeterias, items, and register menus all come together as Cafeterias. We’re not only bringing common things together, we’re reorganizing within these groupings to make tasks easier than ever. For example, under Cafeterias you will be able to change a single menu layout and have your changes flow to multiple cafeterias, a big time-saver, say, if you have several cafeterias that work with identical menus.

Building simplification into Meal Magic Insight is a key focus of our core design team. Doing more with less effort might seem like a hefty goal, but Meal Magic Insight delivers that and more.