Information at a Glance

You can learn a lot from a well-organized dashboard.

You can learn a lot from your car’s dashboard, especially if you have a newer vehicle with all those fancy electronics. Whereas a classic car gave you basic information, such as speed, gas level, and oil pressure, a modern dashboard shows not only those but also how you’re driving, the health of your car, things that need immediate attention, and upcoming requirements.

When we built Meal Magic Suite, we gave users a dashboard to provide useful information about the software. If you likened it to a car dashboard, you might say it ranked nicely with a car from the 1960s, providing enough data to keep you informed but not much more.

In the late teens of the twenty-first century, you get much more information from you car’s dashboard than one did in the 1960s, so, by analogy, it’s reasonable to expect modern software to show plenty of useful knowledge on their dashboards. Meal Magic Insight delivers on that expectation.

Like Meal Magic Suite, Meal Magic Insight opens to a dashboard that can deliver lots of information at a glance. It’s a state-of-the-art, heads-up display that offers a wealth of information without effort on your part, enabling you to quickly see how your food service department is doing without having to rummage through stacks of reports.

But wait, there’s more! Each section within Meal Magic Insight has its own dashboard to show information specific to that area. The main dashboard gives you an overview of all areas in one place, while each sectional dashboard focuses on information specific to that topic, such as sales or benefits.

All dashboards are dynamic, which means you get to decide what appears on them. After all, you know best what information you need, so the choice should be yours. Every user gets to customize their dashboards, giving them their own personalized views.

We’ll talk more about views next time. Thanks for reading!