Making Things Right

Making things correct should be easy.

Misstakes happen. For example, mistake at the beginning of this paragraph is misspelled. Before the advent of personal computers, that “misstake” would require, perhaps, some White Out and overtyping. Today, however, a mouse click and a tap on the Delete key would fix the problem. If only food service problems so easily corrected.

Have you ever faced this scenario? Your new cashier at the elementary calls and tells you that all lunch sales keep showing as second meals. When you look at her transactions, you notice there are no breakfast sales. She accidentally entered all her breakfast sales under the lunch period, so the system is seeing multiple servings for the same meal period for each person that bought a breakfast and a lunch.

Before Meal Magic Insight, fixing the mess described above would require quite a bit of work, such as mass voiding all lunches and then re-entering sales manually into the correct meal periods. Surely, there has to be a better way. There is.

Meal Magic Insight‘s sales editor will allow you to make changes to multiple sales at once. For example, you can search for all lunch sales containing a particular item and have the software reclassify them as breakfast sales. The matching lunch sales would be voided and breakfast sales would be added

As another example, suppose that Combo Meal A was selected for a certain group of children, but Combo Meal B should have been sold. Meal Magic Insight will be able to make this correction.

Sales are just one area where Meal Magic Insight will allow you to quickly fix mistakes. Other areas of the software also will have advanced ways to make corrections, reducing your work when human error gets in the way.

You don’t have to worry about things getting altered secretively, because Meal Magic Insight will track changes and provide audit trails to keep things transparent. With advanced error correcting capabilities, your end-results can be error-free, backed by a history of changes supporting the final data.

To err is human; to forgive, Meal Magic Insight.