Don’t Give Me Static

Static has its place, but not on menus.

If you like your hair randomly sticking out from your head, if you like tiny zaps when you touch metal, if you don’t like change, or if your name is Tesla, static can bring you great joy. If, on the other hand, you like useful information that you can analyze to improve your food service department, static items can be very detrimental to your goal. Instead, you need things to be dynamic, able to change to fit the needs of the moment.

Do you currently have an item called Lunch on your sales register? If you do, you’re missing out on having lots of useful information being just a View away. (We talked about Views in Room With A View.) So, you sold 1,500,000 lunches last year. That’s awesome! But how many of those were pepperoni pizza combos, hamburgers on buns, chicken tender sandwiches, or fajita specials? Suddenly, that Lunch button has left you with a lot of missing information. What is the best selling lunch that you offer? Can you find the answer at glance?

With Meal Magic Insight, you can create sales register menus that change automatically from day-to-day to match your published menus. Sales registers will look at your scheduled meals and dynamically add corresponding reimbursable meal items to their menu, so when you design sales register menus, you only need to add items that you offer every day, such as milk, fruits, and a-la-carte items. Meal Magic Insight will handle the others.

The advantage of dynamic menus is that you can create one POS menu with your static offerings and have it adjust itself for reimbursable items that fluctuate per a schedule. By using this approach versus the generic Lunch item, you will have access to more accurate item sales counts and trends. You’ll be able to determine what items sell the most and which items you might want to discontinue.

Dynamic menus are just the beginning of sales register innovations introduced in Meal Magic Insight. For example, you can create one dynamic POS menu and then share it to multiple cafeterias, which is great if you have numerous schools that serve identical meals each day. Need to make adjustments? You can update all of them by changing just one.

Shareable, dynamic menus make Meal Magic Insight‘s sales registers by far the most flexible POS systems we have ever released, and we have many more exciting features to explore in the weeks ahead, so join us again next week to discover how we can make your job easier.