A Game Changer

We have a winner!

Over the last six months, our teams have been very busy exploring ways to make our software more powerful yet easier to use. Like players in a championship game of chess, we have been scrutinizing, calculating, thinking many steps ahead to determine our next move. We have questioned each possible choice, weighing the outcomes, adapting to conquer problems.

Our strategies have moved us towards a great victory, not only for us, but for those who matter most: our customers. We came into the game with basic knowledge of the rules and goals, but we learned to be better players by listening to our customers. They challenged us to improve our game, and we rose to the occasion, determined to be the best players possible.

We have been showing our prototype Meal Magic Insight sale register to lots of customers lately, and the overwhelming response has been that the new product is a game changer that solves problems unlike anything they have seen. It’s not full of features; it’s full of solutions, making sales faster and handling special situations with ease.

In chess, pawns are the weakest pieces, that is, unless you move one all the way across the board. Then you get to promote your pawn to something more powerful, and the usual choice is to make it a queen, which has the most attacking power of all pieces. Working with Meal Magic Insight is like playing chess with more queens than pawns: you’ve got the advantage of great power to solve your problems.