Going BIG

We’re making some BIG changes.

Bigger is better.
Go big or go home.
Supersize me.
Think big.

In 2004, USA television screens had dimensions that followed a 4:3 ratio, meaning, for every four units of measure wide, the picture was three units of measure high. It had been that way since the early days of television sets. Computer monitors of the time used the same ratio.

Meal Magic Suite was designed to fit monitors with a screen resolution of 1024×768, which perfectly followed the 4:3 aspect ratio. It was the common size at the time, with widescreen televisions and computer monitors in their infancy but still a few years off from popularity.

Four years later, the computer industry began switching to a 16:9 ratio, which is the native widescreen resolution supported by DVDs and the international standard ratio for HDTV. It would take another four years, however, before monitors with a 1920×1080 resolution would become the most common 16:9 screen size.

By comparison, a 1920×1080 resolution is 2.64 times bigger than a 1024×768 resolution. Bob Ross would be pleased with our huge canvases. Mountains, rivers, and happy little trees everywhere!

If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll see one of the new designs for Meal Magic Insight‘s sales registers. There are bigger item buttons; bigger, more detailed customers lists; pictures and details about customers; item filters; search choices; and an options bar, just to mention some of the things that fit nicely on a single screen.

Likewise, web pages for administrative functions also have a lot more room available, and we’re using the whole big canvas to provide more information with less scrolling. With all that space, you can fit a lot of Views (see Room With A View) in one place.

A big screen lets one see the big picture without big effort, and that’s big news. Welcome to the big league.

For districts looking for new touch screen monitors that support both 1024×768 (Meal Magic Cloud) and 1920×1080 (Meal Magic Insight) resolutions, Meal Magic Corporation recommend Elo model E351600.