More to This Than Meets the Eye

When you first step outside in the early hours of a clear evening, you usually notice only a few stars. As the sun slips farther below the horizon, the night sky darkens, your pupils open wider, and more stars appear. Behold, the glories of the universe! As is often the case, there is more than meets the eye at first glance.

Recently, we gave some customers a chance to view new designs for Meal Magic Insight. Initially, their focus on the overall function kept them from seeing the big picture, but as they continued looking, they noticed there was more to see—a lot more. There was a resounding “oh, wow!” when they realized how much they could do without having to go beyond the current screen.

In previous posts, we have written about bringing together administrative features that historically have been split into different sections, in part, due to technological limitations. Thanks to new coding practices, more powerful development tools, and advantages of cloud computing, Meal Magic Insight seamlessly unites related tasks to give users a more efficient, easier-to-follow workflow.

Speaking of workflow, we’re not only improving processes by bringing things together, but also by giving users the ability to alter workflows to better fit their needs at a given moment. For example, if you want to enter a long list of items into the system, our save-and-add workflow will make the process faster. If, on the other hand, you just want to add a few items and place them on menus as you go, you can follow that workflow instead. With items alone, you can select from four different workflows for data entry.

Bringing tasks together and making them easier to navigate are just two design elements that make Meal Magic Insight superbly powerful. Your next journey in food service management surely will be a glorious one when you trek through your day-to-day activities with Meal Magic Insight as your guiding star.