Family Portal Makes Life Easier

We’re bringing family functions together.

Do you send parents to one web site to make deposits, another to apply for meal benefits, a third to check meal histories, perhaps a fourth to see what’s on the menu this month, and maybe others? If so, continue reading to learn how Meal Magic Family Portal can help.

If you are directing parents here, there, and everywhere, it’s time to bring sites together and make lives, their’s and yours, easier. The solution is to use Family Portal for parent-related food service tasks. Let’s explore some of what the site has to offer.

Meal Accounts. Checking children’s balances, seeing what they are buying and eating, making deposits, and transferring money between siblings can be accomplished using Family Portal.

Parental Controls. Setting daily spending limits, blocking purchases of particular foods or meals, and communication preferences can be managed by parents.

Automatic Deposits. Parents can setup automatic deposits to ensure their children have funds available at all times. Replenishments happen as needed or on a schedule.

Meal Benefits. Households can apply for free or reduced-priced meals by utilizing e-application technology pioneered by Meal Magic Corporation.

Household Information Reports. Family Portal‘s intelligent design allows e-applications and household information reports to be submitted as part of a single process. This is especially useful for partial CEP districts where the need for multiple forms can be confusing.

Menus. Districts using Meal Magic Insight can publish cafeteria menus to Family Portal, allowing parents to see what foods are being offered for the month. Later, this will be expanded to allow parents to pre-pick meals for their children.

Ordering. Parents with students attending districts that utilize our pre-order services, such as Meal Magic Cloud’s OSS+, can order meals conveniently through Family Portal.

Faster Service. Besides one-stop convenience, Family Portal provides faster service. For example, when a parent makes a deposit, the child’s balance is updated as soon as the transaction is approved, which usually is within seconds. When parents request account or meal histories, they have direct access to information.

Greater Privacy. Because Family Portal communicates directly with the school’s food service data, activity happens between parents and the district without middleman stops. Only deposits, with minimum data exchanges, require side trips.

Security. Unlike other sites, Family Portal does not store credit card or banking information, making online depositing safer.

Easier Management. Districts manage Family Portal settings and activity through the administrative website for Meal Magic Cloud or Meal Magic Insight, eliminating the need for multiple accounts and data synchronizations.

Family Portal is a replacement for,, and MyLunchAccount. Deposits are processed by third-party providers who negotiate service fees with the school districts they serve. Family Portal works with Meal Magic Cloud and Meal Magic Insight.